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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

A variety of carpet cleaning processes based on the request and the needs of your environment are provided. Such processes include: hot water extraction, bonnet/brush cleaning. Your upholstery is cleaned using environmentally safe cleaning agents and thoroughly rinsed, leaving your fabric fresh and clean.

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Floor Care Services

Study shows that one of the first areas that consumers notice when they walk into a facility are the floors. We offer restoration services along with maintenance plans designed to ensure that your floors receive the consistent attention needed to maintain the clean and healthy image of your environment. We tailor our plans to fit the physical and fiscal needs of our facility. Services such as tile and grout cleaning and strip and waxing cleaning are highly looked upon by consumers. The added investment shows your guest and members that you care enough of how well maintained the floors that they walk on are.

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Janitorial Services & Housekeeping Services

Our cleaning services company customizes a comprehensive cleaning program to meet the needs of your facility. Service First Cleaning employs trained personnel who understand the importance of cross-contamination prevention. This is extremely important in today’s society, especially now that most people are more aware of the spreading of germs, virus and infections. If surfaces that may appear to be clean to the naked eye are not cleaned properly, they will most likely show a strong presence of contamination when viewed under a microscope. This unhealthy practice directly contributes to increased absenteeism due to viral and germ infections. Our P.R.E.P.A Cleaning Process was created to ensure that your facility receives the care and the attention needed to foster a cleaner and healthy environment for both you, your customers and your colleagues.

Whether you are interested in a one-time deep clean or a regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning, make an appointment today. Let the professionals of Service First Cleaning offer your business a FREE CONSULTATION. During this visit we will ask a few questions to assess your cleaning needs and survey your facility. Our cleaning services company will then schedule an appointment to revisit you and review our competitive comprehensive cleaning proposal with you.

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